Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hi Friends,
Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give you an idea of what we experienced on our TTC journey. 

One of the things that bonded Daniel and I together so quickly was the fact that we wanted to get married and have kids as soon as possible. We were not afraid of the commitment and we were in a good place in life at the time. We still lived in Miami, both had great paying jobs, and making plans for saving for our first home. It was a picture perfect life, minus the baby.

One month after the wedding, I went off birth control. I was on Depo Provera, also known as the birth control shot, and had been on for only 6 months, since I met Daniel. I had used Depo Provera before, with a previous relationship, which ended, as did the shot. I heard many horror stories about the shot and TTC afterward. Typically, it could take up to 18 months after stopping the shot to get pregnant again. It takes that long to work the hormones out of your system and get your reproductive organs moving again. I didn’t think it would be an issue for me, as when I went off it the first time, my periods returned to a regular cycle 3-5 months later. I had only been on it this time around for 6 months, how much damage could it really have done? Little did I know….

Preparation started, buying pregnancy books for plus size women, baby name books, taking the vitamins, and fantasizing about our future bundle of joy. My periods regularly returned within 3-4 months and I was super excited. I was clueless that even though my period returned, I wasn’t ovulating.

For the 6 months, I would take a pregnancy test at the slightest possible symptom of pregnancy. I was obsessed with it and should have bought stock in the company who makes Clearblue Easy test kits. Each time a negative result and the next day or so my period would start; a disappointing reminder that we were not pregnant.

I went back to reading my pregnancy books and realized that I need to make sure I was ovulating. I read that I was supposed to experience an egg white type of discharge at ovulation, which was a good indication of when we were supposed to be trying. I remembered getting this type of discharge years ago, before birth control, but nothing since going off, either time. So I bought one of those Clearblue Easy Ovulation Kits and on a daily basis, was supposed to test to see if I was ovulating. The first month, I was pretty consistent and realized I wasn’t ovulating. From that point on, I kept testing my ovulation, but not daily, as instructed and got tired of watching.

At this point, we were coming up to our first year of marriage. I decided that a year was enough of trying and it hadn’t happened yet, because of the shot I was on before. I would stop taking ovulation tests and stop taking pregnancy tests every month, until I hit the 24 month mark. If after 24 months, we still didn’t conceive I would go to a Repro Endo and get tested for PCOS and infertility. Another reason why I thought it was a good time to not obsess was because we were about to make a major life move, across the country, to California.

In July 2008, Daniel and I packed up our little place and moved ourselves and our lives to California. I was offered an amazing job and was ready for a new adventure. This also meant we were no longer living the perfect life we had back in Miami. Daniel wasn’t able to find a job for a year after we moved. Money was tight and dreams of home ownership were put off for 5 years. The cost of living, being so far away from friends and family made the thought of having a baby on our own super scary.

Fast forward 6 months after the move and one day, I noticed the egg white discharge! Holy Smokes, it this what I think it is??? I immediately went home after work and attacked my husband. We got really excited, and took the test right when my period was due and NOTHING. Uhhh!!! But at least I know I was ovulating!

We kept trying each month, when I noticed the discharge and wasn’t successful. I decided to keep trying, but to continue to not obsess with taking the tests. To keep our mind off it, Daniel and decided to start working out and eating right. We had all kinds of exercise equipment lying around the house and I got a brilliant idea….

They say when you are TTC you should raise your hips, prop up on a pillow, keep your legs in the air, etc. after sex for several minutes to help those swimmers get to their destination. I tried it all, but never worked. One night in March, I decided to try something new; using our stability ball. Daniel brought me the giant blue stability ball, and I propped my legs up on it and raised my hips. I was so comfortable in that position, that I stayed there for 45 minutes while watching tv and snuggling with Daniel. We were laughing at my hair brained idea, but it was worth the try.

Well, I gotta say IT WORKED! It was towards the end of April, when I Daniel noticed I hadn’t gotten my period yet. He became the calendar for me, so I wouldn’t obsess. LOL! My brother in law and his pregnant girlfriend were staying with us for a week and Daniel and I had baby on the brain. I had resolved to not take the test until our 2nd wedding anniversary, April 29th. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I could be pregnant. I did have one lonely test in the cabinet and what was the harm in trying.....No Way I Don't Believe It Is A Plus Sign can tell the rest of this happy ending. :)

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  1. I loved reading this! I totally understand the obession with wanting a baby when you can't have one haha. So inspiring to read your success :-) Gives me hope!

    BTW thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Never thought my blog would be much of anything other than an outlet for my frustrations and an easy way to keep my Grammy up to date.