Monday, October 5, 2009

A Little History

I know so much about all of your by reading your blogs and archives, that I thought it was only fair to give you a little history about me and my journey to mommyhood.

I have been heavy my entire life.  I always thought my weight was holding me back in life, but in reality it was me holding myself back.  I should have been more self motivated and confident. Instead I was just hosting my own pity party.  I had tried all the diets, with the most successful being my stint on Phen-Fen, getting me down to 240 lbs.  My highest weight is now, 334, as a pregnant woman.  I got easily bored, overwhelmed or distracted on these different diets or lifestyles, so I would just stop doing them.

I never dated much, but then again, I didn't put myself out there.  In my late 20's I had a revelation and decided to start a new life.  I created a list of things I needed to do, and finding a boyfriend was one of the first things on the list.  I started using internet dating sites to find my first boyfriend.  After one unsuccessful long distance relationship, and a few frogs, I finally met the man of my dreams.

Daniel and I met via, and it was an instant connection for us.  We dated for 6 weeks, got engaged and married 3 months later. A whirlwind relationship, that finally made me realize what it means when people say, "when you know, you know".  We have been married for 2.5 years and can't wait for the next 50.  We both gained weight after getting married (don't we all?), bringing me finally to over 300lbs.  Again, starting and stopping the weightloss rollercoasters to loose and gain the same 25 lbs over and over again.

My plan after the baby is to start a new blog, that focuses on being a new mom, trying to get down to a healthy weight, where I am comfortable in my own skin, and just life in general.

I love cruising, watching tv, going to the movies and spending time with my DH and the fur babies. (2 mini schanuzers, Kayla and Klaus). 

I'll end it there, so I don't keep boring you... LOL! 

Next post will about our TTC journey.

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  1. I love cruising too! And I feel ya on the not putting yourself out there. I love reading your blog BTW :-)