Wednesday, October 28, 2009

32 Week Appointment

By a miracle, I didn’t gain any weight this past month. The doctor was very happy and I was relieved. According to my scale at home, I had gained 3lbs over the weekend. I was perfectly maintaining weight all month, until this past weekend. I was sweating it out, but the doctor scale smiled upon me today. I didn’t even have to bribe the nurse!! LOL!

Today’s visit was just the usual measurements and listening to the heartbeat. She is perfect and beating at 146bpm. The doctor was very happy with that. We talked about my freak out episode last Wednesday and he laughed a bit. He agreed it was just paranoia.

TMI – She has been sitting on my bladder full time for the past 6 weeks. Feels like intense pressure on my vagina. It hurts when I walk, sit, stand, try to move in bed, lift my legs, put on my pants, socks, shoes, you name the activity and it hurts. Not a make me want to cry and take pills kind of pain, but a severe discomfort pain. I constantly feel like I have to pee, even when I don’t have to. So it is getting hard to determine when I really have to use the potty and when it is just my precious sitting on my bladder. I mentioned this to the doctor and he said the only relief for that is delivery. Oh Boy! Another 8 weeks of this! LOL!

The other important conversation we had was what to do if the baby doesn’t come by my due date. My biggest concern is not so much having the baby by the holidays but the lack of support I would have at home. My mom and sister are flying out from Miami specifically to help me those two weeks of Christmas. If I am a week late, I will only have the extra help for a few days. I am petrified of having this baby and being all by myself, without a support system. (Hubby will be home, but also working part time.) God forbid I have a c-section and have recovery issues and am by myself. I had to ask if he is willing to move things along if she hasn’t made an appearance by the due date? He said he is fine with my delivering the baby at 39 weeks or after, as long as my cervix looks good and is ready for delivery. So, new prayers are in order for a good ripe cervix at 39 - 40 weeks! Cheers!

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