Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a girl!

Well, a quick update on what has been going on since April... The first trimester was tough. Between working non-stop, morning sickness and just plain feeling terrible, my heart wasn't into writing. I was also pretty obsessed with looking up baby info online. To the point it was making me sad or paranoid. I took some wacky questions to the doctor and he said pregnant women shouldn't be reading for 9 months... LOL! So I stopped. I turned back to reading blogs, this time about weightloss and inspiration and they have been great. They inspired me to go back to blogging. So here I am!

I am officially 25 weeks today and feeling great. We found out last Wednesday we are having a girl, and immediately started to work on the nursery over the weekend. We completed it last night and I must say, it looks great! Thanks to my sister for gifting us the nursery furniture, decorations and of course labor. We never would have something so spectacular if we had to do it on our own.

2nd Trimester has been great. Much better than the 1st, and I love my doctor. Very size friendly and easy going. He only wants me to gain 10 - 15lbs and doesn't harass me about anything. I actually lost weight in the 1st trimester with all the morning sickness. The 2nd trimester I got my appetite back and has been hard to keep it in control. I only want to eat carbs and the bad ones at that! I want white pasta, and french bread. I had been off the white bleached flour prepregnancy and now I have a wild craving for it. Also, my taste for sugar came back and I have a steady supply of cookies or Little Debbies on hand. It is terrible. I do limit my sweet snacks to one or two a day, but I am eating them.

I am on vacation this week and plan on taking a much needed staycation. I will be getting my hair done, perhaps a mani/pedi and catching up on blogging. I started this for a journal of sorts of my pregnancy adventure and am excited to get it going again.

Take Care!

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  1. Wow I'm so glad you found a good doctor. I guess I was lucky, I just picked a practice at random, and they were fantastic about the size thing. The weigh-ins were more private, they didn't shout my weight out (like other doctors...) and the doc said he'd like me to gain less than 15 pounds. I ended up gaining nothing until my 7th month then gained like 30. Again he was supportive and just said he'd need to watch me more for high blood pressure and diabetes.

    I'm so in shock about the OB in miami! I would have filed a formal complaint... wow.

    Hope you're feeling well!