Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fat Fatphobia Give Away

Hi All,
I came across a link to Fat Fatphobia today, who is having a great give away.  You should stop by to check it out.  I was referred to her blog from A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare, who I also follow.

As you can probably tell from this ungodly hour, that I am still struggling with sleep.  I am routinely getting my 4 hours and waking up.  Tonight, I thought I would catch up on my favorite blogs. 

Also, got the news back on my computer.  It would cost about $250 for a friend of my husband's to fix it.  We were pricing new laptops and thought maybe it would make more financial sense to upgrade my 3 year old unit, and buy a new one... SIGH!  Maybe for Christmas/Birthday.  In the mean time I will keep using my work laptop. 


  1. Ok best help ever for preggoinsomnia....BENADRYL. (I doubled checked w/ my OB nurse)You can take it, it is safe for you and baby and it makes you SLEEPY! I is the primary ingredient in almost all over the counter sleep meds. I pop two and some tylenol and I am in la la land in fifteen or twenty minutes. It is a beautiful thing!

  2. I did try Benadryl in the past and it left me groggy and hungover the next day. Not exactly ideal for my job. LOL!

  3. hi, i found your blog from my friend angela's blogroll over at angela's grand adventures. i just found out i am pregnant (about 5 weeks according to my last period) and was in shock at first, but feeling more excited now. my first appt isn't until nov 4 (10 weeks) and it seems like an eternity, so i have enjoyed reading about your journey!! :)

  4. Congratulations, Aimee!! You are in for a wild ride. :) Waiting for that first appointment was agony for me, but super exciting when you get that first picture of your baby. Best of luck to you. :)