Thursday, September 10, 2009

Belly Pics

As of my appointment last week, I have gained 8-10lbs total. I think it is all in the spare tire above my waist. That is the only thing that seems to have noticeably popped on me. Hubby and I have been measuring my waist and I have gained a few inches, but not enough to make a difference in my B belly.

In the "plus size" pregnancy world, my belly is referred to a "B" belly. Where my belly resembles the letter B, the top spare tire, drawn in waist and then protruding fat flab on the bottom. It is every knocked up girls dream to have that nice round basketball belly or a "D" belly. In my message board conversations with other prepregnancy heavy preggos, I learned I am not the only one who still feels like I haven't started showing. It is pretty common and some women don't seem to have that big pop until right up to the time of birth, or not at all.

I want to have that I am showing feeling and want people to notice I am pregnant rather than just another fatty out of control. I have made an effort to wear maternity shirts that make my belly look more round D like and pants that have the bella elastic band, which also smoothes out the look of the B belly. I also touch my belly often and rub. Once I started doing this people started feeling more confident to ask me when I was due. I think they were just cautious before hand, not wanting to offend me if I wasn't pregnant. Which, I thank them for. Nothing is worse than your fatness being mistaken for pregnancy. I have had it happen before and was pretty humiliated.

As for maternity clothes, they are hard to find. I was already pushing out of a 3x, and a 26 pants before I got pregnant, so the standard 3x size maternity clothes don't always fit me. I can still button my pre-pregnancy work pants and have been hanging on to wearing those as long as I can. (Lane Bryant Right Fit Houston Pants, love them!) I find the maternity stretch jeans work well in my favor and most stretchy maternity t-shirts are wearable. Most of the non-stretchy fitted stuff that just has elastic in the middle were already too tight for me and wasn't leaving room for me to grow. Any maternity clothes I have were purchased at Motherhood Maternity outlets. I have been wearing some regular empire waist or baby doll shirts from Lane Bryant as well. Not maternity, but give you that emphasis on the belly. Ok, that was strange to write. I spent my entire life trying to hide my belly and now I am looking for shirts to emphasize it!!!?? That just dawned on me... WOW!

Now, if I can only get my boobs to grow... I always get jipped in the boob department. Compared to other women in my size range, I should be much heavier on top. In fact, most shirts from LB don't fit me right because I can't fill out the top! I thought I was supposed to get big boobs when I got pregnant. Right now, they are the same size, just heavier.  (TMI Alert - My areolas are the size of dinner plates now. They tripled in circumference.)


  1. You are a cutie Mom B or D or XYZW! Thanks on the TMI info. that is the crap they never mention in those baby books.

  2. holla @ the boobs thing man. i can barely fill an A cup. bra companies automatically assume if you are round enough to need a band in the 40s, you must be a C. SO NOT TRUE!

  3. I am just visiting your blog for the 1st time (thanks for visiting mine!!). What a great blog to have. I started out losing weight so that I could get pregnant. I have decided to wait a little longer before trying. I am so excited to watch your journey.

    I had the exact same problem in the bust area of the Lane Bryant clothes. Where are the clothes for us?

    I also moved away from my support system (1300 miles) 9 years ago. Things workout, they get better. My husband's family lives far away too. All we have are the friends we have made but we have made some really good ones.

    I am a teacher and used to work in daycares, so I know how I feel about them (I like that they have state regulations to follow) but they can be pricey. Have you considered church programs or in-home daycares? I am not sire about CA but they are cheaper here (and usually no waiting).

  4. HOLY CRAP! I feel like I am reading my own journal from when I was pregnant a couple years ago. I am a B as well... Its a good belly to have most of the time, people don't think you're pregnant as much... but when you're preggers, it sucks!

    I wish I'd taken pics like you have, but i just felt to fat to have "baby bump" pics. Then at 9 months I had one done. I didn't feel like I looked pregnant at the time, but now I look and go "Awww I was preggers!" So definitely take pictures! :D

  5. Thank you for the website. I'm a plus size woman ttc with my husband and it is good to know there are other people out there on the same journey! Best of luck to you!

  6. Hey Im a plus size preggo mom to be with my 3rd child and just you dont feel so "i dont look pregnant" its not just a fat issue when i had my son I was a size 14 and didnt show until I was like 7months and with my daughter I was about a size 16 didnt show until 8months and now im 17 weeks and no showing at all