Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I had my 28 week appointment today and realized I gained 9 pounds in 4 weeks.  NOT COOL!  My doctor was not happy about it, but not totally rude about it either.  I am supposed to get my butt moving and eating less.  I tried to explain to him that I don't have that I'm eating for two mentality.  I am just lazy, and eating a lot of high calorie junk lately.  I guess it will be good old fashioned salads, protein and lots of water this next month.  Now that it is cooler outside, the hubby and I can start walking again.  Which is really hard these days because Holly is sitting on my bladder and walking is uncomfortable. Not to mention that I constantly feel like I have to pee, but when I go in, nothing comes out.  Super frustrating.

Other than the weight thing, the appointment went very well.  We listened to the heartbeat, which was 150 beats per minute and according to the doctor, perfect.  He also measured my belly for the first time.  He started the measuring tape down at my pubic bone and stretched it too the top of where my uterus is now located (which is up by my spare tire)  I am supposed to measure 1 centimeter for each week, and my measurement was 34 cm.  He thinks I was measuring ahead because of the extra fat, so he was okay with the measurement, not concerned that my baby could be growing too large.  So that was good.

Then we talked about the importance of the cord blood storage.  Working in the healthcare industry and familiar with all the research being conducted on stem cells, I fully understand the importance of investing in the storage of the cord blood.  However, it is super expensive.  I am already dealing with some surprise expenses before the baby and not to mention the fact that I am still trying to work in the extra bucks it will take for a nanny or daycare service when I get back to work.  I am going to keep crunching the numbers and see what else we can possibly cut budget wise to go ahead and store.  I am getting a really good discount from CBR (Coord Blood Registry) for being in the healthcare industry.  So not as expensive as it could be....  I also have the opportunity to create a baby registry with CBR, so people can make a donation towards the fee.  A lot to think about.  I am sure I will write more about it in detail soon.

Speaking of writing soon, I have this bee in my bonnet to write a little more about the histrory of my pregnancy starting with TTC, and the 1st and 2nd trimester.  Not to mention a little history and more formal introduction of who I am.  So keep an eye out for those posts coming soon. :)  I have a lot rattling around in my head, just no time to post these days.  All of you preggo's should understand that completely. LOL!

Well, best of luck to all the new mommies out there.  I have recieved a lot of great comments and emails about blog friends who are now expectings.  I can't wait to read about your journeys as well.

Take Care,


  1. Is this the first time you have posted the baby's name? Cause I love it :-) Glad you appointment went well!

  2. Baby heartbeats....SQUEEE!
    I feel all squishy now!
    9 pounds in four weeks...ummm the average woman gains 1 pound to 1.5 pounds in the third trimester. So you are really only a few pounds over average. I have been eating too much junk myself. Thank you for the reminder!
    Congrats on the good check up.
    Go little Holly go!