Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Size Friendly Doctors

I have been reading my Big, Beautiful and Pregnant and Your Plus Size Pregnancy books. They have me freaked out about choosing a size friendly doctor. I had a terrible experience in Miami with this issue...

When I lived in Miami and went to see an OB for consultation before we started trying to conceieve. The Dr in Miami got very upset with her receiptionist when she saw me because she didn't see patients over 250 lbs and her receiptionist knew better. Then, the Dr continued to lecture me about diet and exercise and how she will not treat me because of the weight. I was seeing her practice partner as my GYN and vowed to never step foot in that office again. I was upset, defeated and embarrassed.

So, when I called to make my appointment with the OB here in Pasadena, I forgot to mention that I was a fluffy woman. I got nervous and decided to call them this morning to confirm the Dr sees overweight patients.

I asked the receptionist if Dr. sees overweight patients. She was confused by the question, so I asked her if he has a weight limit for the patients he sees. Again confused, she got someone else on the phone with me, who was also confused by the question. I had to explain to them that I am overweight, and had an experience when I lived in Miami, that the doctors wouldn't treat patients over 250. She thought I was off my rocker and nuts. She said no, the doctor doesn't have issues treating heavier patients and see you on May 20th.

So I hope this means he is size friendly. We shall see May 2oth. I will report back. :)

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  1. That is just soooo wrong!! I am so glad you found a good doctor. I am a big gal(280) and me and hubby had been trying for a baby. I had a miscarriage a while back(I have PCOS so I was told it could happen) that stopped us but we might try again soon. I am so happy for you I want a little girl.. all the cute little dresses and bows :D Congrats!